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Family law in Thailand will always need a lawyer in Thailand as the court process will become costly as well as complicated. You should contact GAM Legal Alliance in Bangkok for assistance if you are going to litigate with regards to child support as well as child custody. Speak to a lawyer in Thailand for more information as well as assistance. The lawyers at  GAM Legal Alliance in Thailand is one of the better known expat law firms in Thailand. If you are in need of an attorney then speak to those at GAM Legal Alliance as this will be your best choice. You can start by sending them an email as has been listed below.

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If you need more information on the issues of child custody as well as child alimony. You can see more details on the main website of GAM Legal Alliance in Thailand. Family law is a complex issue and you should take proper legal advice when dealing with litigation. If you are thinking of  retiring in Thailand and are also looking at buying property in Thailand then this is where to start. There are many other issues as well such as Marriage Registration in Thailand is one of the main issues in Thailand outside of retirement. So contact GAM Legal Alliance now for more assistance.

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